Services We Offer


We work with current and emerging leaders to develop a capable resource pool for the future. We help you build relationship and interpersonal skills to inspire others and resolve conflict in a healthy manner. We will help you acquire the right skills and knowledge to direct your work group. We will help you find a balance between challenging and supporting your team. If you want to lead, you must model the qualities you want from your group. Surround yourself with people who are smarter than you. You retain them when you encourage them to make decisions. Set the vision for the future and improve the lives of those around you. Accept the consequences of your actions. When you delegate responsibility, hold your team accountable and accept the consequences of your actions. Develop leaders as you grow. Gather all possible information from your team before drawing conclusions or making decisions.

Wallace Success International will offer creative ways to inspire, motivate, and encourage your organization.

Team Building

Tell me what your team intends to do. Then, I will tell you specifically what I can do for you. Conflict resolution, decision making, inclusion, power, new team/existing team are all factors that influence team building. We will help you build a vision for what “winning” looks like. See your people as team members rather than a collection of individuals. Set clear, high expectations and watch your team soar. Praise the contributions of your team from time to time. Show how their goals are aligned with the team’s goals. Spend time having fun and celebrating. Your team will move mountains when you recognize their efforts. Let Wallace Success International show you how.

Team building helps your members build on their strengths and minimize their weaknesses. It encourages them to manage their differences together, and promote better understanding between individuals. The process of team building involves constant change.

Wallace Success International will custom design interventions that are specific to your team needs.

Diversity Training

We partner with our clients to provide programs that are effective and geared to their organizational culture. We use a no-guilt, non-confrontational approach that focuses on individuals and the system. We encourage clients to interact and use their life experience to understand that diversity is more than race and gender. Personality shapes attitudes and values. A new generation of people has emerged who were raised on global interaction via the Internet. They learn to manage teams and make quick decisions. More communication and clarity of purpose is needed to motivate this group that may be co-located all over the world. This form of diversity requires dialogue that creates a common purpose.

The beauty and power of a successful diversity initiative is that it elevates both the individual and the organization at the same time. Companies that truly understand how diverse viewpoints and talents contribute to innovation and increased market share will have a competitive advantage. Unique perspectives about leadership and opportunity contribute directly to the bottom line and overall resilience of a company.

Wallace Success International will show how to manage the dynamics of diversity.

Executive Coaching

Are you ready to examine how your behaviors affect others?
Are you willing to try new things and take risks?
Are you having difficulty communicating with your group?

If your answer is “yes” to any of these questions, we need to talk about coaching.

Help your team benefit by learning from experience. Show them what worked well and what did not. Ask them what they learned and what will be different the next time. As a coach, you want to create an environment where your team will take moderate risks. Ask your team members what they want to achieve. If their agenda matches the organization’s agenda, there is hope for alignment and success. If not, you need to link the vision to the tactics and objectives of your team. Facilitate the learning of your group. Don’t be an answer machine. The learning belongs to your team members and they are not robots. To coach others you need to understand your strengths and liabilities.

When you know yourself, you are able to help others discover their strong points.