I have experienced the same challenges for which I offer solutions. I see myself as a catalyst for positive change making a difference in the lives of others.

—Robert N. Wallace, III

About Robert

With some 35 years of management experience, Robert Wallace, an independent consultant specializing in diversity and organizational effectiveness, has a wealth of knowledge in training and development, conflict resolution and career planning. Working with a variety of functions and organizations, he has effectively influenced both individuals and groups on many levels.

Prior to establishing Wallace Success International, Robert's professional background included work at Digital Equipment Corporation and IBM. At IBM, he pursued an engineering career. After four years at IBM, he moved to Digital where he combined his engineering and management talents. With a talent for bringing people together to support business goals, Robert's Digital career spanned some 16 years including management roles in human resources, manufacturing, quality and logistics.

Within these roles he focused on:

Organization Development
Processing, planning and implementing communication strategies; designing and facilitating team-building; and assessing organizational needs.

Valuing Diversity
Member and leader of discussion groups which address a variety of cultural and societal issues and concerns.

Employee Relations
Coaching and counseling employees; managing performance; resolving conflicts; and setting corrective action.

Training and Development
Designing employee orientations, teaching stress awareness and career development seminars.

Over the years, Robert helped the company address various transition issues. Specifically, he collaborated on the design, development and delivery of a highly successful transition management workshop as well as coached and counseled transitioned employees. According to Robert, the centerpiece of transition management and effective downsizing is leveraging the management and employee interests by providing empathy, empowerment and dignity for all those concerned. Robert has also touched Digital through his involvement and interest in valuing diversity. On a one to one level, he has helped managers and employees understand how to value the diversity of others. He believes that valuing diversity and understanding culturally diverse employees is a business strategy that will insure success in the new millennium.

Overall, Robert is an influential leader and manager seeking to listen closely, clarify situations and set clear strategies and goals. Largely, his strength is in enabling employees and managers to make important decisions with a minimum of stress and anguish.

Robert is an Electrical Engineering graduate of North Carolina A&T University. Robert has a Master of Arts degree in Human Resources Development from Webster University, graduating with honors. He is an active member of the American Society of Training and Development, the OD Network, and the NTL Institute for Applied Behavioral Science where he is a staff member for Human Interaction Labs and Management Work Conferences. Robert is qualified to administer and interpret the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator and the Singer-Loomis Type Development Inventory. His training for MBTI was provided by Type Resources at The New School in New York City, NY. The Singer-Loomis training was provided by Larry and Elizabeth Kirkhart of Moving Boundaries in Gresham, Oregon.

Robert has worked in collaboration with The Center for Emotional Intelligence & Human Relations Skills, Webster University, National Training Labs Institute of Applied Behavioral Science, Kaleel Jamison Consulting Group, Eastern Point Consulting, Center Focus, and D&D Associates to help clients make their organizations better. The work has included organization assessment, coaching executives, and leading education sessions. Clients have represented finance, technology, labor, energy, legal, government, education, community, public safety, and non-profit sectors.

Professional and Academic Affiliations