Wallace Success International

Success Through Dialog


Wallace Success International

Success Through Dialog


Wallace Success International

Success Through Dialog


Wallace Success International

Success Through Dialog

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Wallace Success International is a management consulting firm founded by Robert Wallace in 1991. We are a coalition of consultants and trainers with over thirty years of experience in change management.

We are committed to exceeding client expectations by providing products and services of superior quality. Helping our clients succeed is the focus of our work. Wallace Success creates customized programs specifically for each client and is committed to providing consultation and training that is:

• Creative and Pro-Active
• Flexible in meeting client needs
• Aligned with client's mission, vision, and goals

Our strategy is to maximize how individuals contribute to the organization, so that both will prosper.

Services We Offer


Offering creative ways to inspire, motivate, and encourage your organization.

Team Building

Custom designing interventions that are specific to your team needs.

Diversity Training

Showing you how to manage the dynamics of diversity.

Executive Coaching

When you know yourself, you are able to help others discover their strong points.

Podcast Interview

What Our Clients Are Saying

You provided insightful comments which illuminated the topic. I respect your experience and the depth that you brought to the group.

Theresa Moore
Capital One

I appreciate your facilitation and insight. The belief in the group and the process helped emphasize what was unique and special to ensure we got the connection. You're the model of what a self aware and practiced professional can look like and be like in the world. Thanks for what you did.

Deat LaCour
American Red Cross

Your ability to recognize what you had done in your past jobs and to change your direction was a great learning experience for me.

Diane Viglianco
National Credit Union Administration

I appreciate Bob's ability to communicate, directness, energy. He displays himself with confidence. Funny and social!! I have learned much.

Kevin Wilson
Hunter Douglas Northeast

Bob, I appreciate your strong quiet presence as the facilitator of this group. You provided excellent feedback and timing to keep us focused and on the right track.

Denise Rouse

You always kept an even temperament during our sessions. I valued all your opinions. Thanks.

Brian Fanning
Fidelity Investments

I learned the value of patience from you. You allowed us our learning. To paraphrase Lao Tzu “When a leader is best, the people will say we did it ourselves.

Mike O’Hare
US Department of State

You helped move the group by bringing yourself in at the appropriate time. I also value your feedback and perspective on helping to move my understanding of diversity.

Laura Giordano
Pfizer, Inc.

I appreciate your calm nature. You helped me through making my decisions. You also helped the group tremendously. I'm really going to take your feedback to heart. Thank you.

John Caroll
Honeywell International

Your experience, engagement, and encouragement made our group functional. Your concern about individuals and your acceptance of all of us for the contributions we could make was appreciated.

Ann Santerre

You don't break a sweat and you're calm. I learned a lot and will bring it back to the workforce.

Ed Buller
Exxon Mobil

Thank you for your knowledge and insight that you brought to our group and myself. I believe this experience will change my path in my career.

Bobby Wolfe
National Fruit Product Co.

Your leadership, mentoring, and nuggets of wisdom moved the process forward. I appreciate your style-you're a gentle giant that has a strong & quiet way of moving the group. Thank you for modeling for me what I truly want to do someday.

Rhonda Brandon
Colonial Pipeline Company